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Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Flying back to Urumqi after watching the footy in Shanghai this weekend, I was reading Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton.  As our plane began it’s descent, I decided to put the book away, open my mind, and reflect on what I had just read. As I pondered, I felt a greater understanding of life as a whole; as we landed, I felt a huge pull to write it down. With people standing up around me to get their carry-on luggage, I pulled out my phone, opened notes, and started spewing out sentences…


We are all souls here on our own journeys.


Yes we come together and work together in our soul groups, though, ultimately we must face our learnings and make choices on them alone.


It really does not matter what those outside you are doing. All that matters is your internal state and your next step. What is for you will not pass you by, whatever that needs to be.


We must step into each experience with open eyes, minds and hearts in being aware of the learning that is on offer for us to grow.


We must have awareness. Awareness of our thoughts, emotions, internal guidance system. The more we can tap into our awareness the more we can hold these learning’s in greater perspective and better navigate them.


This life is about learning, growing and loving as a soul whilst doing it with as much lightness and joy as possible.


There are so many levels and as you keep getting the shit out of the way your true purpose is allowed to shine and you can confidently step into it with strength.


These thoughts were flowing out of me with such ease that I had this written before I moved to get off the plane.  I knew I had to share them, along with my experiences in Urumqi, with others.


About the first month into being out here in Urumqi, I mentioned to my Mum that things felt very different to the life I was living in Vancouver.  Apart from the obvious comforts of the Western world and the beauty of the place, I went from having daily meaningful conversations, and helping others that were put in my path, to near solitude, and to being on the receiving end of many stares as I walk down the street.  


In the back and forth conversation I had with mum I came to understand that my time in Vancouver had come to a close at the right time. I had learned and experienced what I needed to in that time, and I needed to move on to the next opportunity that would test me and, ultimately, grow and refine me even further.


Living in China has challenged me in ways I would have never expected. I can count the number of English-speaking people I have interacted with on both hands.  When driving, it’s you against the world- you think Aussies have problems merging… oh boy, you haven’t seen anything.  It took me two and a half hours to open a bank account.  I observe 13 year old boys training twice a day, six times a week, with no school.  My life in China is not only different from my life in Vancouver, but different from anything I have ever experienced.


I can safely say that these experiences have forced me to step further into myself on multiple levels. It has allowed me to see the world in such an expanded light and be ten times more grateful for what I have in my life. There is no way I would have even known that point existed without continuing on my journey and stepping into the opportunities as they have arisen.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable, because that is the only way you will truly grow.


Love and light

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