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The strength in surrender

The strength in surrender


“If you would only relax the path would reveal itself to you and you would discover endless ways of accomplishing it.”- Abraham Hicks



There is no doubt that the greatest learning for me over the last 12 months has been about learning how to surrender. In my current space of awareness I have come to define surrender as:


Letting go of attachment and the desire to control how you want something to look/go/turnout and having trust and faith that whatever is for the highest good of all will occur.


Surrender was one of those things that I thought I had a handle on. I would be utterly surprised and slightly frustrated that after each body talk or breath session, it was always mentioned to me that I needed to do something like-

“Stop trying to control how the future should look and how you think things should turn out. Let go of control and be present and allow it to unfold.”


I felt that I was working really hard on it and got the point. Man, was I wrong.


It wasn’t until I was guided to Gabby Bernstein’s book launch here in Vancouver, listened to her speak and then read her book did I finally feel what it truly meant to surrender.  There were a few things in Gabby’s book that resonated strongly with me. The first was “When you think you have surrendered, surrender some more.” This made complete sense because to me it’s a reminder that once I had surrendered something to then check back in and REALLY surrender it on a deeper level, not just at my convenience. The second was to allow yourself to be co-creator with the universe and let it do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.


While reading the book I had an opportunity to incorporate these learning’s first hand. A job opportunity arose out of the blue that really lit me up; as a result, I really wanted it to fall my way. I noticed that I was attaching myself to the result of getting it, a result that I absolutely had no control over. I had no control over how my potential employer viewed me, the conversations we had, my resume, their hiring process, their thoughts, or their feelings.  I couldn’t even control what they had for breakfast believe it or not!


Gabby speaks about handing something over and surrendering it to the universe, allowing it to take care of it for you and the highest good of all. In my case it was handing over all control, all wanting, all desire for this opportunity to work out to the universe to deal with and trust that it would manifest if it was for the highest good for me and the highest good for all.

The universe knew I wanted the opportunity. My friend Helle gave me this example after one of my body talk sessions. Helle compared the process of manifesting to being in a restaurant:


“We place our order with the waiter and then we trust the kitchen to take care of it and bring our food out when it's ready. We don't place our order, then get up to check with the waiter multiple times to ask whether they got the order, what we can do to hurry things along and question whether they'll actually deliver it or not... we just trust and the order turns up when it's ready.”


I remember sitting there on my bed closing my eyes and saying to the universe- “I now hand the outcome of this opportunity over to you. You know I want it, if it is in alignment with my path and for the highest good of all I trust it will happen.” For the first time I truly believed that if it were for me the universe would conspire to make it happen. I finally had found real trust and faith in the universe. Soon after, I noticed that I felt different. I felt lighter and at ease, almost like I had been wearing a weight vest and someone had slipped it off me. Taking a big breath in and out, I distinctly remember the realization that this was how it felt to fully surrender. Not surrender a little when it’s easy and convenient, but fully surrender when you want nothing more in the world but to know the answer.


I was able to hold that trust and faith completely and a couple of weeks on, I was offered the job. Now that was brilliant but I can honestly say that if it had gone the other way I would have been absolutely fine. I had unattached from the outcome and trusted that if it was supposed to happen it would and if it didn’t there would be something else better on my path.


Surrendering has taken me a long time to learn.  Incorporating what it truly means to surrender into all areas of my life has allowed me to flow in ease with life and be guided along without fear or worry.  In turn, this has lead me to many amazing people and situations with an inexplicable joy and excitement.


“Relax and release resistance”- Abraham Hicks



Love and Light





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